Submitting a Case

  Stages of an Administrative Proceeding  

By applying for a gTLD, renewal or transfer, an applicant accepts the applicability of the UDRP Procedure as appropriate, and the applicable DRSP’s Supplemental Rules. A dispute resolution provision for mandatory dispute resolution is included in the registrar agreement between the Registrar and the Domain Name Holder.

What to expect from the Center (ACDR) on the commencement of the administrative proceeding:

1.    A Complainant submits a complaint to the Center. A complainant must also inform its registrar of the dispute with the Domain Holder. A complaint form should be accompanied with a Complaint Transmittal Sheet.

2.    The Center transmits a Complaint Transmittal Sheet and Complaint to the Respondent. At this point, Respondent is simply notified of a submission against it.

3.    Upon payment of relevant fees by the Parties, the Center begins the Administrative Compliance phase.

4.    The Center determines the actual date of the Commencement of the Administrative Procedure and notifies the Parties.

5.    A Case Administrator is appointed for case management. You will be informed as to the name and contact details of the Case Administrator.

6.    An official Complaint is submitted to the Respondent.

7.    The Center as the DRSP, facilitates the Administrative Procedure with the submission of the Complaint to the Respondent, Registrar and ICANN.

8.    The Respondent has 20 days to submit a response.

9.    Panel selection is completed.

10.    Decision of  the Panel is rendered within 14 days. Once decision is reached the Center publishes the decision.