Arab Center for Dispute Resolution

The Arab Center for Dispute Resolution (ACDR) was approved as a Dispute Resolution Service provider by ICANN on May 18, 2013.

Pursuant to the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP), the Center is at the forefront of implementing the Policies and Rules of the UDRP and the Supplemental Rules of the Arab Center for Dispute Resolution. It aims to provide adequate support to further strengthening Guidelines, Procedure and Format for the Dispute Resolution process. The Center is rules-based and works towards a fair resolution of abusive, bad faith registration cases.

It seeks to develop legal solutions that are just and well-informed about those aspects of the international debate on Domain Name Dispute Resolution that are most effective and relevant in addressing the grievances of a complainant. Along with the Administrative Panel, it seeks to implement the rules that are most applicable in supporting the Administrative Panel (the Panel) and Dispute Resolution Service Provider (DRSP) and its policies and programs.

ACDR consistently seeks to promote healthy communication about and deeper understanding of  the various concerns of its partners, such as other Registrars, ICANN, and other registries, in order to promote a broader understanding and develop policies relating to latest developments in the field of Intellectual Property law and Domain Name Dispute Settlement.

In providing its services, the Arab Center for Dispute Resolution will manage and organize its cases through enhanced cooperation. The Center aims to further develop its position as a prime dispute resolution provider. It works to develop and coordinate its plans and policies through constant updating, close monitoring, training, and evaluating performance.

The Center  will develop its internal and external contact base and further enrich its resources to promote an ever-evolving and progressive vision of its goals and expectations, always working to reinvigorate its plans and priorities.

To maintain transparency and accountability, the highest standards shall be maintained and systems shall be under scrutiny and review. The goals and directions of the process shall be under continuous evaluation. Constant interaction shall take place to adequately assess needs and challenges. Training needs and recommendations for training programs shall be continuously updated. Administrative, organizational, and operational problems will also be regularly reviewed and monitored. The Center will undertake new system development and improvements to existing systems with computer information services, renewing and updating information communication technology and computer systems.