Fees (U.S. Dollars)
(a) Fees: For a Single-member panel

 Number of Domain Names
Fee for single panel member
 Administrative Fee
 1-2  $1,000.00  $500.00  $1,500.00
 3-5  $1,100.00  $600.00  $1,700.00
 6-10  $1,200.00  $900.00  $2,100.00
 11-15  $1,500.00  $1,200.00  $2,700.00
16 or more
                Please contact the Center.

b) Fees for a Three-member panel

 Number of
Domain Names

 Fee for Three
 Member Panel


 1-2  Presiding panelist: $1000.00
  Each co-panelist: $500.00
    $600.00  $2,600.00
 3-5  Presiding panelist: $1,300.00
  Each co-panelist:$700.00
    $1000.00  $3,700.00
 6-10  Presiding panelist: $1,400.00
  Each co-panelist:$1,000.00
    $1,100.00  $4,500.00
 11-15  Presiding panelist: $1,500.00
  Each co-panelist:$1,200.00
    $1,300.00  $5,200.00
 16 or more
                           Please contact the Center

(c) Forms of payment

Payment shall be made in one of the following forms:
I. Credit card;
II. Certified check; or
III. Bank wire transfers.

All transfer charges or other amounts that may be levied in connection with a
payment made to the center shall be the responsibility of the party making the payment.

(d) Determining Payment of Fees

The fee calculation is determined with the following in mind:
1.    How many domain name settlements are requested in the complaint?

2.    Whether the panel shall consist of Single or Triple panel members (one or three)?

3.    The fee consists of an amount to be retained by the Center as an administration fee and an amount to be paid to the panelist(s). 

4.    Determined based on necessary and reasonable costs (based on Administrative and panelists expenses. 

5.    Upon full payment of the initial fee by the Complainant, shall the provider take required action on a complaint submission.  A complaint is deemed withdrawn and terminated if there is non payment of required and established fees within 10 calendar days of submission of complaint.

6.    Fee: The fee in its’ entirety shall be paid by Complainant. All administrative, necessary and reasonable costs shall be determined by the Provider.

7.    Respondent selects a 3 member Panel: If a Complainant has elected to have the dispute decided by a single-member Panel and Respondent elects a three-member Panel, Respondent shall be required to pay one-half of the applicable fee for a three-member Panel as set forth in the Provider's Supplemental Rules. This payment shall be made together with the submission of the response to the Provider. In the event that the required payment is not made, the dispute shall be decided by a single-member Panel.

8.    Additional fees may be requested by the Provider upon agreement of the parties and panel, in exceptional circumstance, for example in the event of an in person hearing.